Welcome To Degen Pass


Degen Pass is an exclusive, high-capital investor group limited to 222 members. We provide holders with top tier connections, investment calls from our expert analysts, NFT-trading tools, Crypto Education, and whitelists for some of the biggest upcoming projects.

Our Vision

Degen Pass started with the goal to create the strongest community in the space that would support one another regardless of the market conditions. With this in mind, we structured our mint around three main principles: interview-exclusive, free mint, and locked discord. Interviewing every member on the Degen Pass whitelist has allowed us to curate a community of passionate and experienced investors, ultimately leading us to the tightly-knit holders we have today. Our free mint was for two specific reasons. First, we wanted to prove to our community we are fully dedicated to providing them as much value as possible, especially as we were giving away thousands of whitelists prior to mint. Second, to create the best group of investors and traders, we had to gain the interest of every top-tier community in the space, which we were able to achieve through our free mint. The last principle we focused on was a locked Discord, with the intention of giving out Discord links to top groups and members in the NFT space. We wanted to focus on these members to add to our whitelist, and we successfully integrated every blue-chip project into our community.
Moving forward, we are working to attain our initial goal of becoming the top NFT project for both web3 investors and traders. A major step in this direction is for us to create a larger community with our second-generation collection. We are sticking to our initial principle of having a free mint, and there will be a 2222 supply. We are also looking to expand our voice chat engagement as we feel that is where the most valuable alpha is spread, as it is instant, and also where the best communities are formed. To achieve our goals, the Degen Pass team is transitioning to working full-time in web3 as we believe that the time we put in will ultimately determine the success of our community.
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