Llamaverse is a NFT Project and Ecosystem focused on providing value to holders through opportunity and interopability. We have a core focus on cultivating a club of traders/investors while expanding our brand throughout this amazing space. Some of these features that provide value included (but not limited to) are $SPIT Token Staking, Polygon Marketplace, Upcoming massive P2E ecosystem involving Minecraft, land ownership, exclusive discord alpha, tool access and so much more.
How Do Llamaverse Holders Benefit?
We will be creating 5 Permanent Spots (worth around 20 ETH at current FP value) in our discord for Llamaverse holders as a role to grant them these benefits:
  • Access to 5 Permanent Spots to our Discord Channels (excluding whitelist raffles)
  • Access to 5 WL Spots on every opportunity above 100+ Whitelist Spots
This will be purchasable with $SPIT. If you sell your Llamaverse, your spot will be sold back out via the Llamaverse Marketplace. As long as you hold your Llamaverse, you will get access to the above benefits.
How Do Degen Pass Holders Benefit?
We will also find ways where we can work together and build more value for our holders whenever opportunities arise in the future.