Roo Troop

Roo Troop is developing the first on-chain job marketplace and in the meantime, has launched the Roo Troop Bounty Hub, their MVP, which has posted 300 jobs and placed around 75. Roo Troop's On-Chain Job Marketplace is a platform that will lead the paradigm shift in the entire job market. On-chain refers to on the blockchain, which in this case means that proof of work, resume, and experience will be undeniably verifiable, therefore taking out a lot of trust and uncertainty in the transaction between hiring managers and applicants. Partners, such as Degen Pass, will be able to access premium perks within the marketplace at a free or discounted rate. Some of these perks will include being able to boost applications, post job listings, and promote job listings.
How Do Degen Pass Holders Benefit?
  • Access to all of Roo Troop’s web3 job opportunities including the bounty hub, bounty alert, submit jobs, pay guide, and bounty faq channels (explained above)
  • Access to Roo Troop’s future on-chain marketplace
How Roo Troop Holders Benefit?
  • Access to the Degen Pass FOMO bot
  • Access to Demon’s calls
  • Access to Degen Pass upcoming projects channel
We will also find ways where we can work together and build more value for our holders whenever opportunities arise in the future.