Networking Oppourtinies

House Rented Out For The Degen Pass Retreat In October
Due to our interview exclusive process, we have cultivated an active community with a wide range of experience in web2 and web3. Degen Pass gives many different opportunities for our holders to interact with one another and grow together. We host multiple community events per week where attendees can also win whitelists. We also run community discussions and AMAs (ask me anything) with guest speakers and top projects.


Degen pass is organizing a fall retreat which will be held from October 13th, 2022 to October 17th in Sonoma County, California, 30 miles north of San Francisco featuring special guest speakers. We have rented this spectacular villa (pictured above) as our home base and are booking a block of rooms at the Doubletree as well. We plan on doing more holder-exclusive events in the future with prominent members of the web3 space. More on this subject will be released soon
Degen Retreat